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1  【ヒアリング / 調査】




2  【設計業務費 / 設計スケジュールの提案 】


3  【企画提案 / コンセプトデザイン提案 】


4  【基本設計 /  施工会社へ見積説明 】



5  【実施設計 / コスト調整 】



6  【家具・備品の設計、選定 】


7  【設計監理 / 竣工検査】



1  【Interview / Research】

We interview your requests and various conditions such as business condition, scale, schedules and we are going to perform the site survey.

2  【Proposal for Design cost & schedule】

We will make proposals for design costs and schedule after hearings and on-site visit.

3  【Planning proposal / Concept design】

We will present planning proposal, plan layout, concept image etc and share the whole design images.

4  【Basic design / Estimate explanation to 

        construction company】

We will create a completed image with a set of drawing, sketch, CG, color scheme board etc.

At the same time, we will prepare quotation documents and give quotation explanation to construction companies.

5  【Building design/ Cost adjustment】

We will further investigate the contents based on the basic design and create detailed drawings.

We will cooperate with the construction company to adjust the cost according to the final budget and requests.

6  【Design and selection of furniture and fixtures

We select furniture, fixture, artwork and ready-made items, design custom-made items, create fabrication drawings, factory inspections and delivery inspections.

7  【Design supervision / Completion inspection】

We will design and supervise cooperation with on-site supervision from construction to completion so that it will be constructed correctly based on our design drawings.

We will continue to inquire about maintenance and renewal, etc. after delivery.


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