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「陰陽五行思想」とRe:flex Architecture

March 26, 2019

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傘の下から まちを眺める Look at the city from under the parasol

September 4, 2017




 by ソール・ライター

“It is not where it is or what it is that matters, but how you see it.” Saul Leiter


 This summer, it is not like a title of the Japanese film "Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?", I tried to look the city from under the parasol due to the influence of the exhibition of Saul Leiter that I saw the other day.


I couldn't imagine how much the parasol change my perception to the climate and the environment.
I felt that it seemed really wonderful to be able to feel the diversity of the climate and environment, and to turn it into pleasure.


If you change your perspective, this is also the way colors are inserted in the city.



Knowing that you are in a position to see, as well as to be seen.
I learned that putting up a parasol is to put a color in the scenery under sun light.
When I felt so, suddenly I remembered the Christo & Jeanne-Claude's project "The Umbrellas, Japan-USA 1984-91" which is putting up 3,100 umbrellas at once in the valley area of the Ibaraki prefecture in Japan and the California in the United States.

Please find the below references.

参照 Refs (English video)

                    (Japanese magazine)




The colour of the umbrellas are blue in Japan, yellow in California. The choice of colour also makes sense.
"To make it blue in the rain and moist in Japan, reminiscent of water. In California, it set in a dry desert so we made it in yellow."

This is the meaning of the colour that Christo chose.

My architecture, I keep my attention into the context in the process of making things. It is very important factor to highlight the attractiveness of the area by understanding environment and historical background.
Likewise, I would like to ask to to find such consideration for the importance of it beyond architecture from Christos' words below.



"It was one of the condition to be convenient for procurement of materials and to be easy to gather people for installation.
Also, if you have historical monuments or ruins, the meaning will become stronger.
The place I chose in Ibaraki prefecture and California have valley, and people can look at various kinds of umbrellas, such as looking up from the ground and looking down from a high place. "




As a result, this project has developed a way of expressing the possibility of creating new value in the area and creating local provinces, and translating it from a dream into a realistic actions and forms.
The concept of 'region + art', such as the Echigo-Tsumari-Triennial and the Setouchi International Art Festival taking place in various places in Japan, is nothing but the fruit of the activities by the representation of land art artists such as Christo, Robert Smithson, Michael Heizer, Walter De Maria, Andy Goldsworthy and so on.



Looking at the everyday landscape from the parasol, seeing the experiences and feelings so far, I felt again that it is summarized in this below word, if borrowing the words of Saul writer.

"I think that mysterious things happen in familiar places. We don’t always need to run to the other end of the world."

The creation of a place where you can feel the importance of familiar things is the nurturing of many healthy human relationships and the creation of happy social opportunities.

写真提供 Photo provider:日本洋傘振興協議会 JUPA Japan Umbrella Promotion Association

写真撮影 Photographer  :石川望 Nozomu Ishikawa 


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