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Please fill in the form below for inquiries about design request or consultation.

For inquiries to Shinya Mouri himself, inquiries about publications and writing, seminars,
Please contact us at

Thank you. Message sent.

If you are interested in joining our team / internship here

We respect each other's happiness and value our relationship of compassion.
And we are developing a team that will carry out the project with members who have the imagination and passion, exploring the possibility of design for people + region that can transmit to the world.
If there is a applicant fits more than 2 of the items below, please contact us with the applicable number!

1. I love Japan. I love local.
2. I want to interact with local people and study resional/urban development.
3. I love art.
4. I would like to explore the possibility of design through the project.
5. I love reading books. I love research.
6. It makes me excited when I imagine a new thing.
7. I‘m good at cooking.
8. I like to work on strategy and I want to try out my ability.
9. I think that architecture is not a technical but a Liberal arts.
10. I love 3D perspective and I want to try out my ability.
11. I love graphic design and want to develop my ability / try out my ability.
12. I love traveling. I love Onsen(hot springs).
13. Bungee jumping is good if I get a punishment.
14. I love Pingpong.
15. Anyways, I am good with my hands.

16. I love D.I.Y.

17. I prefer collecting of wild vegetables or mushrooms rather than buying them.
18. I would like to do projects in English.
19. I would like to challenge projects across the country and around the world.
20. I have a tough spirit, curiosity, adventurous spirit.

Thank you. Message sent.

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